Dressmaking is the art of showing off your best assets whilst hiding not so flattering bits

7 Steps to Sartorial Happiness

  1. Choose a design and fabrics to suit the customer.
  2. Take body measurements.
  3. Create a toile which is a mock up of the garment.
  4. Have a fitting to check the fit and  design of the garment.
  5. Make garment into chosen fabric.
  6. Another fitting and final check.
  7. Wear  and enjoy your fabulous outfit!
  • BridesmaidBridesmaid
  • FormalFormal
  • FormalFormal
  • EngagementEngagement
  • CostumeCostume
  • Evening DressEvening Dress
  • PegeantPegeant
  • Evening DressEvening Dress
  • Communion
  • Cocktail
  • RacingRacing